Sam's attention to detail is first rate.

It is a pleasure to provide an enthusiastic recommendation for Sam Creech and Creech Solutions for Construction. As an architect, I know our work and ultimately the quality of the projects we design and our client's satisfaction is only as good as the people who really make it happen - the contractor and the team of people they bring to the project. Sam's attention to detail is first rate.

We practice architecture as a cooperative venture, with all players applying their experience and talents towards the same goal -providing the best value product and realizing and exceeding the project goals. It has been a delight to partner with a general contractor who shares these (our) goals and has often led us and challenged us to find a better solution.

Sam understands the value and quality of time tested methods yet also knows there's probably a better solution. With a cooperative and energetic style, he brings that quest to the project, to the benefit of all.

- Douglas K. Harris AIA Principal HARRIS ARCHITECTS, PLLC

I recommend your services to anyone who needs similar construction work.

Thank you and your company for the wonderful service with which you have provided to Pisgah Legal Services. I certainly recommend you and your company to other people who need renovation work done to their buildings. Creech Solutions for Construction was instrumental in the renovating of our newly purchased building on Church Street in Hendersonville. Your personal recommendations, expertise, and attention to detail were invaluable in the completion of our project in a timely manner. We were impressed with the quality of the work, as well as the fact that the project was completed for less than the projected budget. The final product was a pleasing, functional space. We know that the investment was a cost-effective way to improve our services. Your dedication to helping us serve low-income clients in western North Carolina was demonstrated through your dedication to this project as well as through the assistance you have lent to us again and again in many smaller projects since that time. I recommend your services to anyone who needs similar construction work.

- Jim Barrett Executive Director, Pisgah Legal Services

Mr. Creech has been responsive, innovative and always thorough in researching possible solutions.

It is my pleasure to serve as a reference for Creech Solutions for Construction, LLC. I am an attorney who has practiced real estate litigation in Atlanta, Georgia, for over thirty years. I have had the opportunity to work with Sam Creech on several cases over the last five years. I have called (continued next page) upon Mr. Creech and the professional expertise of his company to determine whether various construction materials are properly installed and to evaluate construction practices when a problem has arisen.
Mr. Creech has been responsive, innovative and always thorough in researching possible solutions. One of his strengths is his ability to clearly convey the nature of the problem and a practical solution. You can count on Sam Creech to "call 'em like he sees 'em." He is straightforward, honest and a man of integrity. I enthusiastically serve as a reference for Mr. Creech and his company for a professional consultation and expertise in solving any construction problem. If Mr. Creech does not know, you can count on him to find out.

- Carol V. Clark CAROL CLARK LAW

I consider you to be a great example of selflessness.

It has been my pleasure to work closely with you and have the chance to get to know you on both a professional and personal level.
Your leadership skills, motivation, construction knowledge and compassion and have been exemplary in your role as driver behind the TEAM day partnership between the Hendersonville Home Builders Association and Housing Assistance. So much has been accomplished to assist the needy families that would never have happened if it wasn't for your technical knowledge, determination and empathy for our neighbors in need.
I also appreciate your service on the Board of Directors of Housing Assistance Corporation. In the short time you have been a board member your business acumen, construction knowledge and creativity have been utilized to help effectively govern the agency. In particular, your service on the facilities committee, active participation in the strategic planning retreats, vision concerning the home repair program and your willingness to volunteer your time are appreciated and respected.
I consider you to be a great example of selflessness, and one of the people that make this community such a great place to live. You have integrated yourself into the community despite moving here only a few short years ago; developing a successful business, volunteering your time and using your talents for the benefit of those less fortunate than yourself.

- Patrick Kennedy Executive Director Housing Assistance Corporation

Sam is a top notch builder who I recommend highly.

Sam is a top notch builder who I recommend highly. I see the types of work that usually is hidden from view from most people and I am proud to say that Sam does not cut one single corner. I work with him often, and enjoy installing the quality that he demands. Besides that, when you use Sam and his company to do your project, you will get the highest quality and it will exceed specifications and regulations required. Sam cares about the solution much more than just earning money. You won't be sorry if you call Sam, but you may be if you don't call.

- David VanWyck VanWyck LanDesign, LLC

He is a consummate professional, who takes great pride in his work.

I referred one of my most valued customers to Mr. Creech. Normally it would be with great trepidation that I would refer one of my clients to a builder, yet in Sam's case I was very comfortable doing so. I feel that if I make a referral to Mr. Creech, my client will be in very good hands.
I have seen the quality of his work and consider him to be one of the most capable builders that I have ever met. He is a consummate professional, who takes great pride in his work, is extremely knowledgeable and has demonstrated an ability to handle very large and complex projects. I consider Sam's character to be beyond reproach and would wholeheartedly refer him again.

- Carter Barrett Senior Vice President Regions Ban

I have found Sam to have the highest level of professionalism and competence.

Sam has become a friend as well as a client as we have worked together for the past ten years or so. I have found Sam to have the highest level of professionalism and competence. He has handled difficult and complex residential structures extremely well, providing the service needed by the home owner. Sam's integrity and moral character are beyond reproach. He is as straightforward, honest and capable as they come. We at Palmer Engineering Company appreciate the opportunity to write this recommendation.

- W. F. Palmer, Jr. PE Palmer Engineering Com

He was the master organizer.

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Sam Creech. I have worked with him on numerous projects, but specifically on two significant ones, both high-end residential homes. The first was in Ball Ground, Georgia, where Mr. Creech was project manager, totally in charge of all aspects of this 20,000 square foot home and music studio combination. Most of the building construction on this project was commercial grade as opposed to residential, and Mr. Creech was as knowledgeable about these more complex systems as he is of more conventional residential construction.
The second major project we collaborated on was in the residential neighborhood of The Country Club of the South, in north Atlanta. Mr. Creech was again contractor-in-charge of all aspects of this 14,000 square foot home. Like the project in Ball Ground, this home not only incorporated typical construction techniques, but much more elaborate and complex commercial systems. In both these projects Mr. Creech was ever-present and always concerned about coordinating every detail and making sure all the subs were where they should be, when they were supposed to be there. He was the master organizer who would not let any detail, no matter how small, be overlooked. All this concern was a natural consequence of his innate character and centered, calm approach to life. He is a man of immense integrity and loyalty, and will do everything within the bounds of what is right to achieve the ends of his clients. I have really never seen a person as concerned for the homeowner as Mr. Creech. He is going to be sadly missed here, but will be a fine addition to North Carolina home-building.


Sam has a superior ability to communicate with people at all levels and resolve their problems.

Sam Creech has demonstrated an outstanding sense of responsibility and complete reliability in the performance of his job. His unique attention to detail and thorough knowledge of construction processes have made him a tremendous asset to this organization. His extreme loyalty and devotion to the job, coupled with unsurpassed exuberance for his work have gained him the utmost respect of his peers and customers alike.
Sam has a superior ability to communicate with people at all levels and resolve their problems. He is truly an outstanding individual and one of the finest people with whom I have had the pleasure of being associated.

- Richard A. Clegg President, Housing Trends, Inc.

I highly recommend Sam as a General Contractor for outstanding custom home construction.

As the 2009 President of Hendersonville Home Builders Association, where I served on his board of directors, Sam Creech performed all duties with enthusiasm and integrity. Sam handles his business affairs in like manner, with an eye for craftsmanship and high quality design in all aspects of home construction. A committed community leader and family man, Sam has quality and integrity that you just don't stumble upon in today's world. Sam possesses both in great measure.
I highly recommend Sam as a General Contractor for outstanding custom home construction.


Thank you for your willingness to serve your community.

I would like to express my gratitude for the time and energy that you put into helping Henderson County begin the process of finding the most qualified individual to serve as our Building Inspections Chief. Through the years and service that you have dedicated to your respective field, you have established a very unique knowledge base. By agreeing to be a part of our interview process you used your expertise to help us to determine which interviewees would potentially be the best candidate for the position.
Thank you for your willingness to serve your community. It is greatly appreciated and reflects positively on your character and dedication to the community.

- Steve Wyatt Henderson County Manager

His work is the best I have seen.

I have employed Sam Creech for all major work on renovating my home in Country Club of the South. Over the past years he has been in charge of extensive rebuilding projects and small renovation work for my wife and me. In all cases he exhibited an in-depth knowledge on all phases of the projects with a keen eye for small details. Sam has been very thorough in his research of the latest and best building materials used today. He has done an excellent job of solving some serious problems with our house. His work is the best I have seen and I have been in the real estate business for over 40 years. Sam's character, ethics, and reliability are excellent. I take great pleasure in recommending Sam Creech.

- Chandler Barton

Working with Mr. Creech will be a rewarding experience.

It was our pleasure to work with Mr. Creech on a remodeling project. From the initial proposed budget to the final clean up he took care of every detail in a professional manner and managed the scheduling of his subcontractors so the job would be completed in a timely manner. He had a good working relationship with his subcontractors; he monitored their work and required a high standard of quality from them. If we had question or concerns they were taken care of immediately and in a pleasant manner. His education, training, experience and integrity seem to command respect from everyone he works with. Working with Mr. Creech will be a rewarding experience and a professional experience with an honest man who is devoted to the quality of work he performs.

- Joe & Janice Boyd

Sam gets all the credit for this successful outcome— done on time and within budget.

My wife, Caroline, and I have known Sam Creech since he acted as the construction manager for a complete renovation and expansion of our 1920's era Druid Hills home in Atlanta. We were very appreciative of the effort and care he used in the 6-month project to renovate and restore our home. We both came away from the project saying we could do this again — a testament to Sam's work.
Our home was located in a historical district so we were subject to the requirements of a city oversight committee. We used this "opportunity" to expand the house out the back and increase the size by about 25%. Sam's direct oversight of the project resulted in a completely up-to-date house with all modern systems in a structure with all the character of the original home. The expansion was done in such a way as to appear original from both an interior as well as exterior perspective. Sam gets all the credit for this successful outcome— done on time and within budget.
Throughout the construction process, Sam was very attentive to our requests and concerns and was on the jobsite daily. Communication was excellent and he was generally ahead of the problems. Again, we can't emphasize enough the care and effort he put into our job. We would whole-heartedly recommend for any similar project!

- Philip E. Marshall

if you are looking for a builder who completely understands not only the mechanics of good building but the historical aesthetics, and who treats clients with unfailing friendliness and professionalism, you need look no further.

This is in reference to our recent renovation experience with Creech Solutions for Construction.
We contacted our architect, who recommended Sam Creech's firm above anyone else's. We have a house that dates from 1836, and we have spent a great deal of time and money bringing it back to mint condition. Sam came over to inspect our back porch, a good bit of which was rotting from earlier poor construction by another contractor. He took time over his estimate, walking us through his description of necessary repairs, bringing samples of materials needed to do the job properly, ad explaining in a step-by-step conversation how the repairs would take place. He gave us references from previous customers, gave us a full rundown of the qualifications of his carpenters and subcontractors. In short, we were thoroughly informed by the time we made our decision to use Creech Solutions.
The results were spectacular. The porch has never looked better, and we know that this work will last without need of repair for a very long time. In fact, we were so pleased with our porch, we contracted with Sam for a makeover of our laundry room. The results can be seen in the picture. We don't have much occasion to show off that room, but we are the envy of our friends! The space became even more practical and user-friendly. Since then, Sam has renovated several other areas that needed attention. The work was as always - done thoroughly, properly, and with meticulous attention to detail. We could say a great deal more about Sam Creech, but this sums it up: if you are looking for a builder who completely understands not only the mechanics of good building but the historical aesthetics, and who treats clients with unfailing friendliness and professionalism, you need look no further. We plan to use Creech Solutions for every project we have in future.

- Blair and Carlton Jenkins

I will highly recommend you.

I saw you not only as someone who had a commitment to detail and excellence, but also an honest man of character and integrity. You built a home for Judy and me that I could not possibly be more proud of. Not only is it beautiful, it is built to withstand the test of time; thank you for a job far more than well done. I will highly recommend you should any prospective client request a referral.

- Bob Murphy

We would highly recommend his services.

We never thought building a house of this magnitude could be as enjoyable as it was, and we know it is because we got to work with Sam. We would highly recommend his services to you with all the confidence in the world that he would be an asset to whatever project he undertakes.

- Brett and Eveline Butler

The job results exceeded my expectations.

Sam Creech performed all of his jobs pertaining to building my house in an extremely professional and competent manner. The job results exceeded my expectations, which is rare, and it was an enjoyable experience working with Sam on all issues involved in building my house.

- Mike Nixon

I would like to recommend Sam Creech with Creech Solutions for Construction LLC as your builder.

Sam was able to give us so much more than I ever dreamed we would be able to have in this home. Because of Sam's relationships with the subcontractors, and his skill with negotiations, he was able to upgrade many amenities…and he was under budget when the project was completed. To assist in the opportunity to build your dream home, I would like to recommend Sam Creech with Creech Solutions for Construction LLC as your builder.

- Brent and Debby West

Sam's expertise in his field has not only saved us thousands of dollars.

This letter is to introduce you to Sam Creech. My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Sam for the past year. Sam's expertise in his field has not only saved us thousands of dollars but also helped us find resolution to a building nightmare that has plagued us for four years.
Our issues ranged from water penetration, to faulty masonry, to multiple code violations. Sam uncovered dangers in our home concealed by drywall. He carefully and methodically calculated structural issues. We had such faith in Sam that we gave him a key to our home. Everyone who had dealings with Sam during this process sang his praises. Sam was very professional in his presentation of each and every problem involving our home. Sam Creech is man of great moral character and deep integrity. On a personal note we cannot thank him enough for helping us find our way through a difficult situation.

- Robert MacDonald CEO

I mentioned how much I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

It is with pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Sam Creech, who I hired as a consultant when I had a water intrusion problem in my crawl space. I was very impressed with the extent of Mr. Creech's knowledge about water infiltration into homes, and also with his professionalism. I engaged him to advise me on what I should do. Mr. Creech provided a written report that included a comprehensive assessment of the problem and recommendations for what needed to be done to correct it. That work has now been done, and I am relieved to be, at last, water free.
When I mentioned how much I appreciated his thoughtfulness, he told me that, as a former head of the Home Builders Association, he felt all members of the Association should be willing to give people advice when needed on questions or problems connected with residential construction. This kind of professional ethic is, to my mind, exemplary, and I want to do whatever I can to support individuals who work by such a standard.

- Brenda E. Hillyer

I highly recommend Sam for any position or endeavor.

It is with great pleasure that I forward you a letter of recommendation for Mr. Sam Creech. I have known Sam for many years and always enjoy when our paths cross and we can work together. As engineering consultants, our firm, Haight Davis & Associates, Inc. engages in a variety of projects. Many times, these projects involve the evaluation and repair of construction defects. We often refer to Sam as a consultant to assist us in the evaluation and repair process since he is well-versed in practical repair methods. Sam is always punctual, attentive and responsible. He is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with clients and customers. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. I highly recommend Sam for any position or endeavor that he may seek to pursue. He is a valuable asset for any organization.


Thanks for your good work to date.

Thanks for your good work to date. We "show it off" to our Senior friends who come to visit and see how Marilyn is doing. We are settling into a pattern of rehab sessions for both me and Marilyn. Thanks for your most attractive "Mini-stairways" that enable Marilyn to do some gardening once again. I expect the rails to be standing when the rest of the house has crumbled to dust!

- Tom (and Marilyn) Eason

We would recommend Creech Construction to anyone.

Recently my wife and I commissioned Creech Construction to remove a metal spiral staircase and replace it with straight stairs. Not a small feat when you consider that the new stairs had to be located in another part of the house. Given only a rough sketch of what we wanted, Sam Creech and his crew were intuitive enough to know exactly what we wanted. The project was completed to perfection. We are absolutely delighted with the way the project turned out. Throughout the project, Sam and his crew were always careful, courteous and mindful of budget and time parameters. We would recommend Creech Construction to anyone interested in having a quality project beyond expectation.

- Chuck Cibella

Thank you for all your efforts.

Thank you for all your efforts, and to say how happy we are with the work done on our remodeling. We couldn’t be more pleased.

- Larry Snetman

I appreciate the time you spent with us.

We are enjoying the new space and look forward to many years of good meals and entertaining. I appreciate the time you spent with us on the front end mapping out the project. It has turned out nicely.

- Horace Jennings